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Model Railway


Finite Precision is proud to be a mould tool supplier to PECO of Devon. Over the years, Finite has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of highly detailed scale model parts and works closely with PECO to maintain their excellence … Continue reading

Electrical and Electronics


Finites attention to detail and ability to work to very close tolerances, makes us a good choice for those complex parts which require high precision in operation. We have been involved in the telecommunications market for many years and have … Continue reading



Over the past few years, Finite has gained valuable experience in the manufacture of Lens tooling. We have been involved with high volume parts for the automotive industry for use with LED lighting. There have been many variants over the … Continue reading

Medical products


This is an area in which we are placing considerable focus. The products require accurate tooling which has the ability to run at optimum performance , as many of the parts are used only once and then disposed of. A … Continue reading

Consumer products


This sector of the market plays a large part of current production and, it is hoped, is an area which we can expand. We have just completed mould tooling for the new Trunki ride on suitcase which has been seen … Continue reading

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